Network Report

Improve the quality of the Wi-Fi in your home or business by booking a network report.

We perform checks on your Wi-Fi network during a visit to your property to find the faults and offer solutions.

What’s Included In Our Report?

  • A free assessment is carried out in your property
  • Diagnosis of your WiFi network issues
  • Cold spot tests to identify your Wifi black spots
  • * Mini repair – Call out charge applies
  • We recommend solutions to improve your WiFi

What can your Expect From Our Network Report

A Time that Suits You

Visits can be arranged convenient to you, at your property – whether that’s a morning to evening even Saturdays.

A One-to-One Session

We will discuss your requirements and options available at your home or companies premises.

Personalised Quote

Leave it to us ! We will plan, design and tailor your project which will include a full breakdown.

What is a Network Report?

It’s an analysis of your WiFi network with a diagnosis of issues. At YR Installations, we look at bandwidths, speed and connectivity. We look for black spots or cold spots and roaming speeds.

Today, we rely on WiFi for our phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, TVs, heating, CCTV, alarms and lighting. When the WiFi doesn’t work, it is frustrating and can affect the way we live. By booking a Network Report with us, you will optimise your WiFi so it meets your needs. We provide suggestions for repairs and improvements along with a quote for the work.

How to book a network report?

We have appointments for Monday to Saturday, so call us to arrange a time to suit your schedule. It takes us around 2 hours to complete the inspection and testing. When we have checked your existing network, we will provide the report along with our recommendations.

We believe in being honest, efficient, and hardworking. We won’t suggest upgrades that won’t benefit you. Trust us to get the results you want.