Network Solutions

We are WiFi specialist engineers based in the Egham area of Surrey.

We install, upgrade and improve the WiFi in your home. When you have problems with your WiFi or want something better that works for you, call us at YR Installations.

We supply and install the best WiFi solutions for the home.

Moving home and need WiFi set up?

When you move, you’ll probably need to set up your WiFi again at your new place. That means connecting your TVs, audio, security cameras and other appliances to the network again.

You might need new cabling installed or extended so that the new system works for you. Take the stress out of it, we are here to provide WiFi solutions for the home.

Improve your WiFi

24 devices connected to your router ? You will need a Wi-Fi system that will cover all rooms in your home with reliable speeds to achieve this.

Trust us to remove black spots in your home and get you the speed you require in every room. When we improve your system, we supply cabling, hubs and access points that are top quality and recommended for the job.

WiFi to outbuildings

With more people working from home, there has been an increased demand for garden offices and outbuildings that require a solid Wi-Fi connection or data points.

Most regular home WiFi networks won’t reach the bottom of the garden, you need to extend the network. The majority of the time, we can install a CAT6 cable to an outbuilding supplying a reliable connection.

Work or enjoy your entertainment devices from the summer house, shed or garage without a loss of quality.


If you have a gamer in the household, you’ll need the best connection available. You want a WiFi solution that has reliable speeds and latency.

Hard-wired solutions are often the best for gamers, we can run a Cat6 / Ethernet cable from the router to your gaming device.

WiFi Specialists

Our team is available to resolve any WiFi issues you have. From a poor signal to areas in the home that suffer from slow speeds, we can help.

We can install upgraded routers, cables and boosters to extend your WiFi and get everyone to experience a better signal. Call us for a quote for WiFi solutions in Egham, Surrey.

We are available 6 days a week for home visits.