Data Networking Solutions

Having a reliable network for either your home or business is vital with today’s ever growing list of tech requiring a good solid connection. YR Installations is the company to install a fully working network to provide you data and network cabling installations.

Do your children complain about lagging or poor connectivity ?

Then a hard wired connection is the solution to resolve this issue.

Are you renovating your property or expanding your business premises and require a data network system installed?

If so book a free quote with YR Installations.

Reliable home data networking

Today, most modern audio-visual equipment can be connected to a home network. At the same time, the equipment connects to the internet for online services such as music streaming and on-demand TV.

This means that the home data networking system has become an essential part of the home. To be able to control and access all the devices we use every day, the data network must be robust, powerful and reliable.

We design a custom data networking system for your circumstances. With a bespoke network, you get the speed, range and security that you require to operate your devices.

Coverage is achieved for your space, including basements, lofts, garden offices, workshop areas and garages. With no black spots and low-signal areas, you will be free to connect wherever you are.

Levels of data networking

We tailor-make the data networking that suits your requirements. From a basic network to an advanced, complex system, we understand what is needed and how to achieve it. Nothing is left to chance, instead, we plan and design a successful network for you.

With lots of devices connecting to your data network, it could come under strain. We can provide solutions for your current needs and also allow for future expansion.

How we design your data network

We start by understanding your needs. We look at the devices you use and what you want to add. We then analyse the system you have in place and how we can improve things. When you have PCs, laptops, printers, phones, TVs, speakers, virtual assistants, heating, alarms, CCTV and entry systems all connecting and requiring control, a data network needs to be installed correctly.

We install cabling, routers, hubs, switches and controls. We also supply quality parts that deliver. Contact us to discuss what data networking solutions you need. We provide competitive quotes and appointments from Monday to Saturday.

Data networking upgrades

Poor networks can be improved with upgrades. Talk to us about your issues and we can suggest ways to optimise what you have. Our years of experience with different systems means we have suggestions that can make a real difference.

Data networks installed

For a new system when you move home, or to start working effectively from home, ask us for a quote. We are here to provide the network you need.

Network routers of ISP. Many wires connect to the network interfaces of powerful Internet servers. Racks with computer equipment in the server room datacenter